Torn between the European Union and Russia, the Republic of Moldova is subject to geopolitical and economic interests of the powerful in Moscow and Brussels. Structural change is slow, due to the frozen conflict in the pro-Russian separatist region Transnistria and wide spread state corruption and organized economic crime.
Throughout the past few years, five prime ministers have been replaced and the country almost did suffocate in the stranglehold of local oligarchs. Matching the end of my project, however, at the end of 2020 an independent president became elected.
In search of Moldovas social identity I traveled all over the small country, visited places and events that sparked my interest, stumbled upon new places, met people, listened to their stories and tasted their house wine.
My journey became a photographic journey through time, an insight into a disappearing poetry. In calm, sometimes bizarre other times almost tender observations, I documented the rural life of Moldova.

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